Our Story

Welcome to Köfte Revolution

Incredible, delicious, healthy Turkish meatballs 

Our story begins in Chicago, a group of Turkish foodies started making and serving their favorite dish Köfte to their friends and guests. Köfte, or Turkish Meatballs were instant hit with their guests regardless of their background even though many never heard nor tasted them before. Soon the guys found themselves fixing and gifting their Köfte to their circle of friends. And their friends shared them with their own friends. This is how the Köfte Revolution in Americas started.

We make our Köfte with the finest ingredients, with a blend of premium halal beef and with our signature secret spices. A great deal of love and care is given to mix and form the Köfte, to assure every single bite is juicy and delicious.

Simply defrost Köfte in your fridge before you make them, or grill them in frozen form. Cook thoroughly until you no longer see a pink interior, making sure not drying them completely. They should remain juicy inside, nicely brown outside.

For longer storage, keep your Köfte frozen. You can cook them in smaller portion anytime you would like. You’ll always have them ready to prepared whenever the cravings hit you.

Köfte is great for parties and catering too. They are ready and quick to make, wonderfully aromatic on the grill and can be eaten as bite-size snacks or made more of a hardy dish with bread, rice or garnish. You’ll see them vanishing from your food tray mysteriously.

Make sure to check out our great recipes about how you can accompany and marry other foods with your delicious Köfte even for a greater culinary experience.

You are now joined the Köfte Revolution. Enjoy and spread the word!

Our Mission: To put Köfte in every American plate