Garlic Sauce Recipe

Sauce takes the center of attention in some dishes. Those sauces are not the ones you cook the dish with but rather make and serve separately to pair perfectly with the dish. If they are prepared right, they can enrich and enhance the taste of the entire plate. ​

Ingredients you use and consistency of the sauce is important. If you love garlic, basil, yogurt and peanuts and if you are not allergic to them, sauces made from those ingredients will go very well with pasta and of course köfte. Below delicious recipe will leave a creamy taste in your mouth along with the köfte and garlic flavors. We hope it will be one of your favorites. ​

Warning: If you have nut allergies, do not use peanut derivatives in the recipe! Instead, you can use celery stalk or other dried spices with your favorite seed oil, or eliminate the nuts altogether.
If the consistency of your sauce becomes too runny, you can add some bread crumbs. If the consistency of the source becomes too solid, you can add a little yogurt or olive oil. ​

​Let's begin with the recipe! 

Prep. Time: 15 Min. 

Servings: 1 Jar (4 yields)

⅓ Bunch of Fresh Garlic
1 Bunch of Basil
¼ Bunch of Fresh Mint
3 oz. Extra Virgin Olive Oil
1-⅕ Cups of Strained Yogurt
¼ Cup of Pine Nut
½ Cup of Fresh Walnut
1 Tsp of Salt
½ Tsp of Pepper

Firstly, extract the stems of fresh mint, garlic and basil. Then, combine all ingredients except olive oil and strained yogurt in a food processor. Pulse until the all ingredients are blended. When all ingredients are in a food processor, add a strained yogurt and mix again (max.10 sec.). Then, gently add olive oil in food processor when working until all ingredients are become a slightly coarse paste (max. 15 sec.). You can put all the sauce in the jar and store or serve it.

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