What spices are in your Köfte?



If you love to cook, one of the best things you can do is to add spices while cooking to make your dish even more delicious. Spices are healthy and add no additional calories to your meal but they will give you many benefits. They enhance the taste, add flavor and aroma and some spices can even change or enhance a color of the dish.

Using the right blend of spices is a must in Turkish cooking. Despite the usual belief, Turkish food is often not that spicy. You’ll find spices in Turkish food as a secret tiny flavor pieces.

Köfte which is extremely popular in Turkey is no different. What sets Köfte apart from a large variety of meatballs or patties is the special spices in it.
There are close to 300 varieties of Köfte in Turkey. They differ mainly on the spices used. We want to introduce you the four main spices in Köfte that we use without giving away our secret blend for our Köfte Revolution products:

1. Black Pepper & Salt

At the very basic level, there is salt and black pepper in Turkish Köfte. They are so essential, some chefs make Köfte with just salt and fresh chopped onions. What is considered too much salt, changes from one region to another region. For example meatballs in Balkans seem to be a lot saltier than those ones in the Middle East. If you are making meatballs on your own, be careful about the quantities of salt and pepper you are adding. Try to taste your Köfte while mixing it and make sure not to put too much of salt and pepper.

2. Cumin

Cumin is a flavorful spice. Even a small amount will be noticed in the dish but it’s a must in Köfte. In novice hands, Köfte can be overwhelmed by cumin and it easily be ruined. Again add it with discretion.

3. Crushed Red Peppers

If you don’t like hot food, you can pass this spice but plenty of people would like to have a little kick for their Köfte. This is the way to kick it up a notch. Bam!

4. Dried Mint & Thyme

If you like some fresh and woody flavors, you can use mint generously in your meatball spice mix. Also, thyme with a full-body and earthy taste together with mint, will add a delicious taste to the meatballs. In addition to just putting and mixing a meatball spice mix with ground beef, you can as well serve it in a melted hot butter on top of the grilled meatballs, or just sprinkle them over after grilling your Köfte.